Nagade Sang Dhol Baaje Lyrics Translation

Movie: Ramleela
Music: Sanjay Leela Bhansali
Lyrics: Siddharth-Garima
Singers: Shreya Ghoshal, Osman Mir

Hey dhin tadaak dhin tadaak
Aa jaa ud ke saraat
Pairon se bedi zaraa khol
Nagaade sang dhol baaje, dhol baaje
Dhaayn dhaayn dham dham dhaayn

Hey, dhin tadaak dhin tadaak
[Indian percussion beats]
Come flying fast,
Open the shackles of my feet,
drums beat with the kettle-drums*
with huge sounds..


Re khat-khat, haan khat-khat
Baaje dastak wo naa ab tak aaya
Re tab se, haan tab se 
Haan dekhi raahein
Ki ab tu khol baahein aaja
Umad-ghumad ghoome, 
re machle re mora mann
Goonje re baalam ke bol

There is knocking on the door,
but he hasn’t yet come.
Since then, yeah, since then
I’ve been waiting,
now open your arms and come.
my heart roams here and there in joy,
getting all restless..
The words of my beloved speak out loud..

Lili limbudi re, leelo nagarvel no chhod
Parbhu parodh na re
Maar gher uttaara karta jaao
Utaaro nahi karun re
Maar gher Sita juve vaat
Sita ekla re
Juve ram-lakhan ni vaat

This green lemon-tree and green betel-tree
O Lord, don’t refuse..
Please have a little stay at my house,
I’ll not stay,
as Goddess Sita is waiting at my home,
Sita, Alone there,
waits for Ram and Lakshman..

O pal-pal re pal-pal beet’ta jal-jal
Naach ab chal aaja
Re thar-thar thar-thar haan kaanpe thar-thar
Haan dar dar jee se darr ab na na
Baaghon mein bola, bola re bola mor,
badla re dil ka bhoogol

Every moment passes burning (in agony)
Now come and dance (with me)
(why do you) shiver so much,
Now don’t be afraid of your heart..
Peacocks now speak in the gardens [that is, it’s the rainy season now]
and the geography of my heart has changed..

Nagaade sang dhol baaje, dhol baaje
Dhaayn dhaayn dham dham dhaayn

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